Auto Power Generator Model R

Auto Power Self-Starting Generators

Dietsch Manufacturing completed the first Auto Power Model R generator in 1998, with quality and affordability being the primary concern. These units were designed with built-in controls that would automatically start and stop the generator when connected to any type of ON/OFF 2-wire control switch.

Originally the model R with the automated system was used mostly within the cattle industry to power remote wells for watering cattle. At that time, floats in stock tanks were used as the control switch, but now many types of controls are available.

The cattle industry is still a very popular for wind and solar back up installations. The 2-wire control makes for an easy connection for all low battery start and high battery stop systems. These auto start units are being used for many different applications with several hundred in use throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico.

All of the Auto Power Model R generators are designed, built and, and assembled at our facility, using only quality and proven components. By using this approach, we are able to do these things:

  1. Produce one-of-a-kind units in relativity short period of time, at a reasonable cost.
  2. Be certain that all components are of acceptable quality and also readily available.
  3. Have exact fit replacement parts in stock (if the need should ever arise) for same day shipping.
  4. Technical and trouble shooting service available for teh complete Auto Power system. You can talk with the people who made the unit.


  1. REPEAT CRANK-ABILITY – Enables the engine to crank 2 additional times, in the event it failed to start on the initial crank cycle.
  2. OVER LOAD OR SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION – Circuit breaker equipped.
  3. OVER CRANK PROTECTION – Prevents the Auto Power from cranking more than 3 cycles.
  4. DELAYED ENGAGEMENT OF GENERATOR – Allows the engine to achieve full lubrication and stabilize (rpm’s) before the load of the generator is applied.
  5. DELAY START-UP – There is approximately a 10 second delay of the start cycle; this prevents false starts.
  6. LOW OIL SHUT DOWN – Shuts engine off if oil becomes low.



The timer is used to control 24 hour repeat ON/OFF time settings. The settings are easy to set using the captive trippers. PRICE: $250.00


This system consists of only a programmable timer is integrated into the Auto Power controls and a pressure switch, making it a simple, reliable and cost effective method to maintain water levels in a tank or tanks that are a distance from the well head. The system operates on the principle that when the floats in the tanks (customer supplied) are closed, the pressure will rise, activating the pressure switch which signals the generator to shut off. For the system to function, the pressure needs only to spike for a moment. This enables the controller to operate without the need of a pressure tank. PRICE: $350.00


The Auto Power starts and runs until the tanks are filled. At this time pressure builds, closing the pressure switch, shutting the engine off and activating the timer. The timer is programmed (by user) to obtain the desired OFF time. Upon compilation of the OFF time, the generator starts and begins another cycle. The run timer has a wide choice of settings from 0.1 seconds to 1024 hours.


The 2 wires on the float are connected to the lugs on the control box and the rest is simple – water low (float down) engine starts – tank filled (float up) generator shuts off. PRICE: $75.00


These units are compatible with all tank monitoring systems and also dry well devices.


HONDA ENGINE GX 390 – 13HP LP or NG fueled

Mecc Alte GEnerator S20W – 95 Rated 54 Amp @ 120V, 27 AMP @ 240V

Total harmonic distortion less than 5%.

Over load protection 300% for 20 seconds

Output 7.2 continuous.

Dimensions: L – 29, W – 22, H – 24, weight 205#

Receptacles: 4 – 120V, 1 – 240V

Has hour, volt, and cycle meters

Has Lifting eye

These units come complete with battery, LP hose and regulator.

Price for 7.2KW AUTO POWER Model R: $3795.00 with FREE SHIPPING IN USA

Warranty: 1,000 hours of q year, whichever comes first.

If you have a special application, need a quote, or have any questions, contact LEE @ 419-233-7708 or

Address: Dietsch Manufacturing

PO Box 388, E-514

Hamler, OH 43524


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